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tv   [untitled]    March 12, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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u.n. security council foreign ministers launch a renewed push to solve the syrian crisis as the u.s. and its allies reportedly consider direct action. this foreign minister says compromise is key when it comes to getting the u.n. security council to read on how to approach the crisis in syria details from new york coming up. and still on the conflict there resignations of r.'s zero as a number of key staff of the current arabic news channel look out in protest biased reporting. plus afghanistan demands justice for the massacre of sixteen civilians
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by a u.s. soldier just weeks after the burning of the koran by military personnel ignited a wave of anti-american sentiment across the country up top stories this hour. international news and comment live from moscow with you twenty four hours a day as the violence in syria rages on the u.s. and its allies are now reportedly considering all options including direct military intervention that's despite warnings from the pentagon with the american top brass saying the cost of starting a new war will be too high dozens have reportedly been killed across syria on monday and into the death toll believed by the u.n. to start over seven hundred thousand the international community has been unable to reach a consensus on how to act ever since the bloodshed flared up a year ago un security council foreign ministers have been meeting in new york to
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try to break the deadlock parties where to put the latest from the big apple now. the idea of passing a u.n. resolution on syria remains a sticking point among some members of the security council has there been any progress on that front. well i think there is there are attempts for some progress as we saw today when the foreign ministers of the security council met for an open meeting to share their thoughts on the circumstance in syria and how to move forward russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov did address the media following the meeting saying that the u.n. security council should be guided by the basic principles and interests of the syrian people he said there should be an immediate end to the violence and a cease fire is an absolute must but he said one point of view will not prevail within the security council there hoss to be compromise there has to be some concessions made for all parties to agree on the text of a resolution mr lavrov said the security council can and should get its act
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together but any decisions that are made must be sustainable and must be according to the core principles of the u.n. charter and he does it need decisions should not be a violation of international law now the u.s. and european countries have been pushing for regime change in syria over the past least half a year russia and china have used their veto powers a separate occasions because they said they would not support regime change in syria or for any other country for that matter they said syria should not be a repeat of what took place in libya mr lover when he was a addressing the media has also said that when it came to resolutions surrounding libya they were violated and language was undermined russia would not loud that to happen again but mr lavrov said that russia is committed to supporting a resolution that would call for immediate humanitarian assistance in to syria but
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he rejected accusations that russia is the sole country that could solve the problem in syria could could make everything get better or worse he did address his critics when it came to this issue take a listen. it is not on us when people say that everything depends on us i would love to see such a situation for the russian federation and the world affairs and the like i would also like to know who to call that the united states and magically resolve the middle east crisis the arab israeli conflict or. stop for drug trafficking from of that is what we all understand that today's problems of the world cannot be resolved by the desire for its even insistence even action by one country illo. in the meantime mr la crosse counterpart in the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton addressed reporters also saying that the
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international community should stand now with one voice fully supporting the arab league plan now that plan in part calls for syrian president bashar assad to step aside and relinquish his powers that is essentially endorsing our political transition and regime change so it seems as though the u.s. and russia are still very much divided on how to move forward on syria what they do agree on is that humanitarian assistance needs to be moved into syria as soon as possible theoretically there could be a resolution solely focusing on humanitarian assistance and i think all members would agree on that but you have the u.s. and european allies trying to get text in any resolution that puts the blame on one side of the conflict in syria the assad government and that is not something that russia or china will support if it's a draft resolution that strictly solely focusing on humanitarian assistance that
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will most likely push through so we have to see how that develops as bilateral meetings move on throughout the day thanks very much indeed for that live up there in new york all these reports. on a number of keystone zeros arabic channel have resigned over the television stations coverage of the syrian conflict those who left accuse the network of politicizing use of bliss against president assad and of course but importantly it has more on this. receiving information now about the reported resignations of key employees in old. office and they are claiming that the channel has a very provocative stance and has been involved in a dream just sitting biased reporting these resignations include the managing director of the correspondents and the producer and specific reports that we are hearing particularly from the correspondent is that al-jazeera refused to publish pictures of armed fighters clashing with the syrian army and in addition also ignored every film rained i'm on
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a new constitution in syria by comparison the channels coverage of events in bahrain was minimal it's has practically ignored what has been happening there in libya we are now receiving some kind of leaked information that the channel was involved in fake coverage and situps and as you can well imagine this is sending alarm bells to the international journalism at gender because al-jazeera was set up as a channel that was a mouthpiece of freedom and change it was supposed to be a channel that was a revolutionary voice but increasingly we have heard critics say that it has become a one sided voice for could tarries government's stance particularly against the syrian president bashar and our viewers many of them will remember that almost miraculously that was the word that was used by critics last year al jazeera was granted a license to broadcast in the united states and this is after it was initially refused such licensing rights and this has led many critics to say that this
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granting was because of the channels change in terms of an agenda setting that it is very much pushing the agenda of tardy and wasting governments that are calling for military intervention in syria. the knowledge is here as form of beirut bureau chief ben general resigned from the channel a month eleven months ago citing what he claimed was a lack of professionalism and objectivity told r.t. he believes the qatari stations reporting of the arab spring revolts was biased and political and i know did not have a thought about it as i do believe that al-jazeera and other channels were not balanced in dealing with events all are responsible for instance with respect to the events in syria in bahrain we started to invite guests from america who we criticize the regime in syria and support to be shielded by rain and people who justify. this is unacceptable because of the domination of a political agenda all these channels. policies were politically oriented. frankly
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dear of coverage of the events in libya and syria was misleading and. i see it is frankly things are now unveiling and i hope some channels fabricated events footage yes and sort of this is shameful the audience have started to realize this fabrications started to see reality in some countries which is quite different from the reality pictured by these chants. well the u.n. security council foreign ministers are meeting at the moment on syria in new york let's get some reaction and analysis from journalist carlos there she is joining us there from new york now a year since the violence in syria flared up and they are dead and the u.n. is still at odds over what course of action to take is it finally time for countries or or maybe coalitions to take decisive military action. i think that would be a very serious mistake. i think. under the circumstances since
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the chief of united states intelligence came out several weeks ago saying that al qaeda is now a part of the solution supporting the opposition. i think any kind of intervention which would i presume be supporting the government and supporting the opposition against the syrian government would be not only a repetition of the kind of partisanship that. occurred in libya this would be because it would be a repetition would be far worse in terms of. the united nations stature in history you mentioned earlier and many would serve course that the nature of operation ended the gadhafi regime within a few months and save the country from further violence and loss of life if it worked there you mentioned all kind of in syria but that surely isn't the only
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reason why cannot that sort of nature intervention work in syria right now. well not to return once again to libya good the situation which has replaced the murder of could and the collapse of his government is. a chord in to human rights watch amnesty international and doctors without borders not an improvement in terms of human rights in terms of saving lives torture according to these three human rights organizations is not only rampant it's systemic in libya and there is no political will on the part of the government to stop this now we have no idea what would occur if there is military intervention vention in syria if the regime of assad is overthrown by a combination of terrorist infiltrated opposition supported by the west.
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i think it would be be a very very dismal legacy for the united nations and it would not be a healthy pattern for a for the international community to be following pursuing. for assad to stay in power. but again it's up to the into the syrian people to decide but there is evidence. reliable evidence that there is substantial support for assad among many of the educated classes among many of the professional classes and. there there has also been a report by the observer mission the united nations of the arab league observers mission which stated that the opposition was guilty of perpetrating his many atrocities as the government now there was absolutely no publicity given to
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the united nations observer commission report the arab league or keeps a united nations but this course was supported by the united nations and mr l. debbie was never invited to address the security council on january thirty first and he had been on the ground in syria for almost a month and this is. the u.n. high commission of human rights who had never entered syria addressed the u.n. general assembly for more than half an hour and her allegations of atrocities by the government were based upon reports of defecting military officers so. the the lack of impartiality is very very very very troubling in this matter a lot of it let's talk about the water implications of any possible military intervention there are calls from some of the white house saying yes intervention
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is right but indeed the u.s. military top brass that report to be very cool about this saying the pentagon is saying that some warming syria could actually lead to a proxy war with iran or maybe even russia what do you think the u.s. military and defense chiefs of form this view not the politicians. well very often the military are the ones who see the deaths. the horrific bloodshed that results from. a reckless and. irresponsible military action you think it really could. just very briefly argue that it could involve russia and iran just briefly. yes. we are risking. a situation that
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becomes impossible to control we're risking a situation where perhaps accidents could happen or perhaps provocations could occur russia has an enormous amount of oil iran has an enormous amount of oil what is going on now may be all a battle for resources and i think that russia is vulnerable in. in a number of ways and could conceivably feel very very threatened. four four one one case russia is now practically surrounded by nato countries and nato bases. in attack on syria could be seen as part of a pattern an attack on iran could ignite a conflagration in the middle east and. this the risk of something like this is
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that it could get beyond the ability of anyone to control even if someone acknowledged they had made a mistake. whether it be the west or one of the arab league countries too i think the military may realize this the politicians may be simply. speaking for votes or for. public consumption. but they won't be the ones whose lives are destroyed by this interesting perspective good to hear your thoughts thank you very much indeed for joining us live in new york journalist stephen. well coming up a little later here. ditching the euro find out how spanish shopkeepers are coming up with creative ways to keep the country's economy alive a spade struggles to stay afloat amid a massive debt crisis. you have gone parliament is demanding a public trial for the u.s. soldier who gunned down sixteen afghan civilians he turned himself into nato
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authorities after the massacre on saturday in kandahar province most of the women and children it's unclear what led to the rampage and the u.s. marine is in custody meanwhile witnesses reportedly claim there were several common all of them drunk washington has apologized for the incident but the afghan president says it's an forgivable it's not about his prime revenge and nato forces in the country are on high alert this follows days of deadly protests last month over the burning of the qur'an at an american base in afghanistan a former member of the afghan parliament told r.t. that nato still has a law. to prove after more than a decade of occupation. poverty corruption lack of rule of law and there are even the international community that is here to save us is is not able to control its own. cause then people say well what is in it for us this is a question that everybody will as what is in this for us government on one hand
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corruption on the other hand lack of rule of law and the only good thing that can happen in my opinion from this disaster is for the united states to sort of the people of this country that justice is west justice is immediate and wherever it may go. this is merely whitewash will be a slap on the rest there should be a decisive and severe punishment. french president nicolas sarkozy has threatened to pull out of the european visa free shain gandee agreement unless the e.u. toughens up measures against illegal immigration thousands of tunisians were allowed into the e.u. following the arab uprisings last year when italy granted residents permits to refugees fleeing violence but some think that's because he is simply trying to win more immigration votes in the presidential elections. in two thousand and seven he won the election in part because it's siphoned off some of the votes that went to the high rates he is campaigning on many topics there are the topics of
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predilections of far right to a group before a star is it can look very broken people for the first round of. balloting in. that fire rate is why harmful break in are and the people who voted for him five years ago and are going to vote for him this time around we're going to open fire right steve feel he were. deceived during the five years by. not being tough enough and you need reach a new start since there's a crisis the populist great is using immigration as a card but the real problem of immigration hasn't moved one way or the other would sarkozy just rhetoric in order to attract the populist xenophobic vote but i don't think it's going to be very productive because the war against on the fire rate the more he loses in the center. meanwhile anger is once again flared in
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spain with demonstrations across sixty cities and spending cuts and new employment laws protests to say the new labor rules designed to revitalize the economy simply make it easier and cheaper for employers to fire staff spain is one of the highest unemployment rates in the eurozone but as the country struggles to stay within the euro one town is encouraging its people to go back to the old days. through feeling about year he thought he did the moment so it's no surprise that in some places current scene is colleges setting in the stranger in the euro more than a decade ago you thought you'd seen the last of the old spanish because you were wrong with the country and such a tough economic situation some towns such as the village my own. have been encouraging their customers to read their old that is a unique way of generating business and like of the country spain has no expire you date for exchanging it's zero percent is in fact is that the native there are more than a billion euros worth of an exchange because that is still in the country. to run
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schemes to once again except the giving new life to the old currency. we saw that some other towns in spain had run this scheme and it worked very well there so we thought why not trade here has been great for the economy of the town what's it like owning a business in the current economic climate. it can be very tough and very boring i spend a lot of evenings making my own friends for fly fishing he keeps me entertained because of the work that he created certainly what this town left in the more than a million has that is so around six thousand euros. it's not just towns and villages that are contributing to spain's alternative economy here in the heart of the capital we come to a store that's under way to avoid using cash also gather. you can scarcely is a good six change still that works and a point says the spirit tells us that you bringing kids get points for days good
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and you can learn purchase other things in the store and best of all no cash needed it's own idea i think it's interesting to. barter for in something you no longer need something you do why not when i actually really like second hand clothes me and my husband bronson lost our jobs recently i wasn't completion on therapist he was in construction so now the cheaper the better off the solutions are perhaps the temporary reprieve to the ongoing crisis they are proving that even a dying economic times businesses can find ways to flourish and at least make even more happy customers. r.t. being finance ministers from euro zone countries are meeting tonight to discuss file approval for greece's second bailout but with also on the agenda writer and journalist well unsure what are the top below he thinks that madrid isn't likely to
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find itself in the same situation as athens. at this point spain has minor conflict with with brussels because the new prime minister has decided that he will not go for the for the deficit target that was set by the european union for this year he says he will comply next year but not this year spain does not have a very high debt as prime is there actually it's lower than that of germany or britain or many other countries the deficits this is not a very i mean it's not a small thing it's around eight percent probably which is high but it's not astronomy though it's not terrible the problem with spain is unemployment which is so different thing because the problem with unemployment in spain is not caused by the crisis it has been of aid to stream lead by the crisis but this is structurally something that has to do with the way in which the spanish economy works over reliance on the break industry on to its main districts cetera all those things
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will not go away even if the crisis goes away which doesn't seem to be happening now so let's say spain so it's in a different league from that of greece i don't see how this happening in greece could happen to spain very soon of course if the crisis go on and the thing can happen but we're talking about different sizes of economy different problems except with. now to some other news from around the world three separate attacks have left fourteen people dead in iraq the first took place in the tele town of mia as gunmen killed three policemen at the local mayor's office two other officers were then shot dead a few kilometers down the road in a drive by shooting a few hours later two carloads of robbers with grenades and guns attacked a baghdad gold market and killed nine people they want to claim responsibility for the attacks but al qaeda is being blamed. when special chief on troop ship has formally accused the us government of cruel and inhumane treatment toward u.s. army private bradley manning is being held in military custody since may two
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thousand and ten on suspicion of being the source of a massive leak of classified american documents and diplomatic cables to the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks investigation of fourteen months concluded that many was kept in solitary confinement for twenty three day for nearly a year the conditions where torture was suspected. from one hundred people have been killed in cells to burn in the latest wave of ethnic clashes in cattle raids official say several hundred people have been injured during the fighting with large numbers of animals stolen cattle raids and revenge attacks of kill files of people in south sudan since independence last year. brings you up to date here in the news desk time now for the business with daniel and china's more fragile than we thought daniel tells miller yes many traders have pin their hopes on that country driving world economic growth with news of a monthly trade deficit of over thirty one billion dollars the biggest in the
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markets jittery let's check them out right now the dow is struggling to hit thirteen hundred and the nasdaq three points on china conserved traders are also waiting on key first corporate results which old expected to be strong. and of in the black of the o.e.c.d. said the euro economy shows signs of improvement but investors remain worried by spain's progress or lack of it on cutting beds. as the finance ministers examine madrid's latest figures today. a pretty flat dail news foreign direct investment into russia jumped twenty one percent last year with capital flows remain a concern and most six did manage to stay just above the sixteen hundred mark however let's see the main movers on the six now polish gold fish oil fresh rumors of a merger with rival polymaths blue calls again dr announcing big investment in iraq with the russia second largest bank v t v i had a bad day as it begins taking by back publications from shareholders one of the main focus for russia's crude place to call the me is the oil price which is down
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on monday main your concerns about slow economic growth in china the world's biggest energy consumer ok let's check the currencies now and the euro's up against the dollar today the greenback and euro also while on the ruble russia's currency is reversing recent record gains and that's all for this hour we'll be back in fifteen minutes more stories on r.t. dot com slash business.
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see the show is the same i.
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remarked last week. middle east india place the condition of the arab spring our humanitarian interventions affected what about the loss of. this respectable british gentleman's choice was. please jackets and old whisky. a much younger wife. more than twenty years of intelligence service. of the soviet union. killed his choice on parties.


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